Public Relations

Public Relations

PR New hurdles and opportunities arise almost daily in clinical and product marketing. And no matter the size of your business, finding someone to help you traverse new territory and maximize on untapped potential is vital to sustained success.

With capabilities far surpassing those of traditional contract sales providers, Rove, Lacier and Piton has the structure, capability and know-how to help you introduce, grow and maximize the value of your products.
Rove, Lacier and Piton can help you:

  • Increase sales and market infiltration
  • Decrease risk and increase value during product commercialization
  • Show your product’s potential and worth to providers, payers, patients and/or clients
  • Facilitate decisions during the whole process of product development

With our vast range of commercial knowledge and expertise, merged distribution, and adaptable partnering model, Rove, Lacier and Piton can help you propel your product onwards and upwards, successfully navigating every hurdle along the way.

Contact us about assisting you with individualized commercial determinations.