Why Rove, Lacier and Piton?


Because Your Products Merit More Than a Conventional CRO!
Research and development can be the area where the best-laid plans fail at inordinate cost. RLP is a leading contract research organization providing project and drug discovery, development and lifecycle administration services. With its value, flexibility, and clinical research expertise, RLP maximizes your investment and minimizes the risk of your clinical trials. Our clients and partners include pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, agricultural, medical device, academic and government organizations.

  1. Experience to handle arising concerns
  2. Relationships that care about the success of your project
  3. Superior know-how that leads the way
  4. Commitment during the hurdles of research trials
  5. Increase your investment and decrease risks
  6. Verified Contract Research Organization effectiveness
  7. Customization and Control
  8. Technology-driven proficiency